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At Pro-Active Agriculture we believe that the importance of balance reflects the outcome in agriculture and in life.
Pro-Active Agriculture is owned & operated by Michael L. Hilton of Lacygne Kansas.
Pro-Active is proud to offer many customized products for an array of fields such as - farming, golf courses, nursery, pastures, turf and
Our Picket Fence Grow Towers are rated the #1 way of gardening in the United States! Whether you are looking for beauty, healthy eating, or a combination of both, our grow system is a "must see" and makes a great conversation piece to say the least.
We offer over 30 years of experience in consulting to determine which of our products will best suit your needs.  We are happy to share our knowledge with you in our expertise. We can even show you how to obtain and submit a soil sample for testing to get to what may be the root of your problem (no pun intended!)
Our latest product, Lithovit, comes from Germany and is now being offered in the U.S. This unique product acts as a fertilizer while supplying the plants with CO2 in a much higher concentration than that in the atmosphere. This enables photosynthesis to take place with a much higher degree, leading to a stronger natural growth and increasing yield.
The experience we have to offer you stems from years of Research and education from throughout the world. Our unique approach to sustainable farming provides you with the key to grow profits beyond those of conventional farming alone.
Before the USDA organic label existed, the term "organic" implied farming practices that not only restricted chemicals, synthetics and genetic engineering, but were also sustainable in the long-term.
Sustainability means choosing crops and fertilizers that are naturally well-suited for the local environment and not negatively impacting to the land. By doing so, natural eco-systems and biodiversity can flourish resulting in an improved growing environment that increases yield—and maximizes profits.
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High Energy Blend
A liquid concentrate, micro-bialy fermented, synthesized from plant materials to greatly benefit plant growth and soil conditions to boost growth and profits for the grower. HEB intensifies the plant soil system.
     Global EarthTek
Fights fungus, disease,
soil-born insects and dramatically increases soil water holding capacity.
 Picket Fence Grow System
Complete indoor/outdoor vertical gardening for vegetables & flowers.
  • 100% natural calcium carbonate.
  • Produces significant increases in crop yields.
  • Suitable for organic farming.
  • Made in Germany with nano-technology.
  • Now available for North America.
  • Field test results available upon request.
 Enhanced Coral Calcium
  • An organic coral calcium for agriculture and all green areas. A highly effective fine powder with 70 nano-minerals and 100% active.
  • Enhanced Coral Calcium with over 70 micronutrients (minerals) – all self-occurring from the sea.
  • Enhanced Coral Calcium is very effective for pH control, buffering of soil extreme high and lows
  • Small amounts per acre of farm crops
Vega-tare is a high quality product that can rebuild soils, promote excellent plant growth, and offer improved yield and better quality at a lower cost.
Micro-Plex Blend
This product replaces these very important missing nutrients raising the plants energy, growth, yields, quality,shelf life, taste, all adding up to more profits.
 Organic Gem Fish
We start by using only FRESH FISH - providing you with the purest organic fish fertilizer on the market today! Our fish are deep-water bottom-feeders - rich in over 70 trace minerals and free from harmful coastal heavy metals.
  • Build soil structure and hold  nitrogen in the soil
  • Improve water management
  • Stimulate microbial activity & plant growth
  • Help release micronutrients necessary for plant life 
Calphos™ is a natural, untreated soft phosphate with colloidal clay containing valuable minor minerals in addition to phosphorus. It is not acid forming, will not cake or harden and spreads easily through any type of lime, phosphate or fertilizer spreader.
This product was first developed as a
non-toxic cleanser for the fruit and vegetable packing industry. It is formulated from ingredients on the U. S. Food and Drug Administration’s approved EAFUS list of “Everything Used in Food in the United States.
21325 E. 2100 Rd.
Lacygne, KS  66040-9190
(913)757-4794 Office